• Agri Business Division

    Agri Business Division

    Agricultural chemicals, Bio-pesticides, Fertilizers, Knapsack sprayers, Greenhouse sheeting and Growth media.

  • Veterinary Division

    Veterinary Division

    Dewormers, Acaricides, Mineral Supplements and Metabolic Stimulant, Trypanocidals, Antimirobials, Disinfectant and Antiseptic, Poultry Products, Cattle Sprayers, Toxorid, Bloatosil, Vaccine and Identification Equipments. In addition to this Osho undertakes third party Toll manufacturing.

  • Industrial Division

    Industrial Division

    Industrial Chemicals, Industrial & Institutional Detergents, Oxides and Dyes, Screen-printing auxiliaries, Other Industrial inputs and equipment.

  • Public Health Division

    Public Health Division

    Welcome to the Public Health Division Osho Chemicals

  • Ngao ya mkulima show

    Ngao ya mkulima show

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