Osho Partners with Equity Bank in financing farmers

Osho chemicals have partnered with Equity bank and have officially launched its nation wide campaign. The main aim of the partnership is to create synergies and to build capacities for the small scale farmer in order to obtain a win-win situation for all the value chain members.

The Issue

Agriculture farmers, distributors and stockists go through a myriad of challenges which through an interactive relationship we were able to identify as follows;

  • Farmers lack finances to purchase agricultural chemicals and fertilizers to improve their yields.
  • Farmers lack technical knowledge on best farming practices.
  • Capacity building.

Distributors and stockists

  • Require access to finance to meet their demand for products.
  • Require customized technical support services.
  • Require Business management skills.


In recognition of the above challenges and the increased importance of the agricultural sector plays in the Kenyan economy, Osho chemicals and Equity bank have undertaken to establish a program geared towards using their expertise and capabilities to improve value chain from (farmer-stockists-distributor-supplier) through building capacities and creating synergy.

Some solutions addressed by the partnership include;-

  • Customized technical support to stockists and distributors.
  • Loans from Equity Bank on a customized basis.
  • Participate in upcoming capacity building seminars.
  • Field days and demonstrations to address various needs.
  • Participation In programs such as ASK shows.
  • Avail customized technical materials required.
  • Training on best farming practices to farmers to improve yields.
  • Beneficiary in the upcoming loyalty scheme.
  • Avail free education on financial literacy.
  • Branding of distribution outlets of selected members.

For More Information on the Partnership. Please Contact:
marketing@oshochem.com or esther@equitybank.co.ke


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