A unique antiparasitic injectable dewormer for the control of gastro intestinal nematodes, eye worms, warbles, mites & lice in cattle, sheep, goats & camels.

  • Brand Name: ENDACT
  • Division: Veterinary – Livestock Products
  • Classification: Dewormers
  • Dosage: 1ml/50kg body weight as a subcutaneous injection. i.e 200micrograms/ kg body weight
  • Packaging: 10ml vials 50ml vials
  • Benefits:
    • Very effective against nematodes, haemonchus worms& external parasites in one convenient injection.
    • Safe to use in pregnant animals.
    • Low dose volume.
  • Comments:
    • Points to note
    • Give dewormers in the morning
    • Withdraw water for 2-3 hrs after deworming.
    • Do not fast young, pregnant or lactating animals; put them on a lush/light diet.
    • Repeat every 3 months.