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Add Colour to your life with Oxides

Our range of colour oxides provide you with upto 5 different shades to choose from. (Green, Red, Yellow, Black & Grey). They can be used for a variety of applications including:


Oxides can be used to colour various kinds of indoor construction materials, i.e. walls, terraces, ceilings, pillars, corridors, stairs, roads, garages, car parks, stations etc.

They can also be used when colouring of building blocks and glazed ceramics i.e. bricks, facing bricks, floor tiles, panels, draining pipes, terrazzo, mosaic tiles, artificial marbles, asbestos cements etc.

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Coatings and paints

High strength and excellent dispersibility makes them ideal for use in all kinds of paints under extreme weather and atmospheric conditions.

Examples include enamel paint, mixed paint, baking enamel, lacquer, anti – corrosive paint, marine paint and all kinds of water-based paint, powder paint, plastic paint and coil coating etc.

Colouring Plastic and Rubber

Our oxides are heat stable and hence ideal for use in the preparation of colour master batches for the plastic industry.

They can also be used in colouring rubber used for various items e.g shoe soles & vehicle tires.

Earthen Pots & Products

Iron Oxides added with suitable adhesive are extensively used to colour / re-colour earthen pots, clay sculptures and other similar products to give them a vibrant look.



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