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Animatic Batisa

Description: A rumenotoric and digestive stimulant containing vitamins, trace minerals and probiotic to promote appetite and proper functioning of the digestive tract.

Each 100 grams contains:
• Calcium propionate 45 gm
• Picorrhiza dry extract 200 mg
• DL methionine 4 gm
• Niacin 1 gm
• Vitamin B6 32 mg
• Zinc sulphate 900 mg
• Dry yeast 1.2 gm
• Dextrose 40.4 gm
• Flavour Vanilla Advantages of Animatic Batista:
• Promotes appetite.
• Maintains proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
• Promotes the growth of the beneficial micro flora.
• Enhances bioavailability of the nutrient
• Strengthens the gastro – intestinal tract to combat pathogenic bacterias.

Dosage: 50 grams per day for 2 days (1st and 3rd day)
Pack size: 100gm

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