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Description: Liquid calcium feed supplement containing calcium & phosphorous. It also
contains a unique combination of magnesium, vitamins D3, B12 and Biotin.
• In treatment of hypocalcemia around calving,
• In general improvement of animal health,
• Improvement of milk synthesis, yield and fat content,
• Improvement of appetite and bone development in growing animals,
• Mineral and Vitamins supplementation Improves appetite.
• Helps to prevent grass tetany.
In poultry:
• Formation of strong bones,
• Egg production,
• Help in clotting of blood
• Improve Egg shell quality& hatchability,
• Vitamins helps in utilisation of minerals & Maintenance of appetite,
• Help in digestion improving general health in poultry,
• Enhances good feathering
Dosage Administer: via Oral route.
• Cattle 100ml daily,
• Calves, sheep and goats: 20ml daily,
• Poultry; 20ml/10ltr.
Pack size(s):100ml,500ml &1ltr

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