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Veterinary Products

Description: A blue crystalline powder with multi-actions activity (Antiseptic, Fungicidal,
Algaecidal and Molluscidal)
Topical uses:
Managing Skin ulcerative &necrotic wounds, Foot and Mouth Disease lesion.
Fungicidal against – ringworms
Acts as caustic powder to warts
Used in Foot bath to manage and treat Foot rot
Internal uses:
Managing scours due to excess Molybdenum in pasture
Preventing Swayback in lambs.
Managing copper deficiency
Used as feed additive
Antidote for phosphorus poisoning.
Other uses:
Controlling fresh water snails
Copper sulphate is toxic and a strong irritant for skin and Mucus membranes.
Directions for use:
For managing FMD Lesions: Mix at a ratio of 1: 10
For footrot &ringworm management: Mix 5grams in 100mls water
Pack Sizes: 100g, 250g & 500g

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