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Composition: Magnesium Sulphate 99.5%
Description: Animatic Epsom Salt is a saline laxative and purgative.
• It is used in all livestock to relieve constipation from non-specific causes.
• Also used in control of Hypomagnesaemia (grass tetany) in ruminants.
• as a soaking solution
• Treatment of Constipation in animals, caused by sudden change of feed
and eating dry feed with a lot of fibre in it.
• Hypomagnesaemia (Grass tetany) in ruminants.
• As a soaking solution.
Administered as a Saline purgative (given with water as a drench):
Sheep, Goats 15 – 30 gm, Cattle 250 – 500 gm, Horses 50 – 100 gm, Dogs 5 – 25 gm
Cats 2 – 5 gm
Hypomagnesemia (Grass Tetany) treatment
This occurs when animals are fed on young succulent pastures.
Given by subcutaneous injection (10% solution with sterile water): Sheep,
Goats 20 ml, Calves 100 ml, Cattle 150 – 200 ml
As a soaking solution:
• Pour at least 2 cups of Animatic® Epsom Salt under warm, running bath
• Soak for 20 minutes to relieve sore, tired muscles.
As a warm compress:
• Dissolve 1 cup of ANIMATIC® EPSOM SALT in 1 liter of warm water,
• Apply with bandages or towelling for 30 minutes up to three times a day
Presentation: 250gms, 500gm

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