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Composition: Cetrimide 0.55% and lanolin 2%
A creamy white to off white ointment containing cetrimide (antiseptic) and lanolin to make
the process of milking hygienic and smooth
Easy milking due to good lubrication. Softens teats to prevent cracks. Treats cuts, cracks
and abrasions on the udder and teats. Prevents Mastitis and external infections by killing
germs on the teats and udder. Can be used in cattle, dairy goats and even dairy camels.
Can be used for hand milking and machine milking. Routine use of animatic Milking Salve
will increase the natural resistance of the skin of the cow’s teats to bacterial infection.
Lanolin, which is a natural skin constituent in all healthy animals, aids in healing and
Direction for use: Hand use: Wash and dry udder, teats and hands, apply animatic milking
salve on hands and massage onto teats before and after milking.
Machine milking: Apply onto teats before inserting teat cups. Milk normally and apply once
again after milking.
Pack size(s): 100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1kg

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