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Beekom – L

Special Benefits: Vitamins B complex provides an external source of co-enzymes for
normal physiology of the Animal. This improves general health and quick recovery for
sick animals.
Contains the Liver extract which has adequate levels of Vitamin B 12, iron and Folic
acid. that protects the Liver against adverse effects from treatment and disease
Indications; used in Animals recovering from Protozoan infection, Heavy liver fluke
infestation, Fatty liver syndrome, General weakness, emaciation, Jaundice and chronic
Dosage rates: Cattle- 5- 10mls every 48hours
Sheep and Goats -1 -2mls every 48hours
Injected via Deep intramuscular route.
Withdrawal period: 0 days
Pack sizes: 50ml & 100ml Glass vials

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