Description: Caplix is a liquid poultry feed supplement with unique multi enzyme combination to
synergistically improve feed digestion and nutrient utilization for poultry.
Enzymes Cellulase – Acts on fibre and helps in its digestion and thereby reduces the viscosity
and subsequent diarrhoea/loose droppings.
Alpha (α) Amylase- Acts on starch rich components In the feed converts them into gIucose.
Arabinase – Breaks the Non-Starch Polysaccharides and produces gIucose
Pectinase – Exhibits specific action on fibrous feeds containing pectin and releases sugars like
rhamnose, xylose, arabinose, gaIactose and fructose.
Protease – Acts on all simple and bound proteins increasing bioavailability and absorption into the
blood stream
Lipase Acts – on lipids/fats/oils and breaks them into smaller chain fatty acids and glycerols for
better utilization by the body.
Xylanase – Specifically acts on commonly used de-oiled rice bran, wheat and sunflower cake and
releases sugars to be used as source of energy.
It also reduces the viscosity of digesta by attacking the long chain arabinoxylans and thereby
prevents droppings.
Alpha (α) Galactosidase – Acts on gaIacto – oIigosaccharides in soya and reduces droppings
viscosity and improves digestibility.
Beta (β) Glucanase Act on fibre.
Special advantages of Caplix
• Increases Bioavailability of protein, starch and fat:
• Improves fibre digestion, feed utilization and Feed conversion ratio.
• Prevents loose droppings.
• Allows Flexibility of incorporating seasonal and low-cost feed ingredients.
• Muscle building in last 3 weeks in broilers to reduce cases of ‘’Flipover’’,
(Heart attack) in broiler
• Helps in improving weight gain
• Improves Semen quality and fertility Hatchability.
• Improves Egg shell quality and hatchability.
Mixing recommendations: 1ml per 4 litres drinking water OR As recommended by consultant
Pack size(s): 50ml,100ml & 1litre

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