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Special Benefits:
• High Calcium: Phosphorus ratio (1:1.5) improving Bioavailability for high milk
• Contains trace elements for improved heat signs, Better hoof health, Good skin
quality and maintains a smooth and bright hair colour.
• Sweetened to improve palatability of the supplement.
• Balanced minerals to improve general health of Lactating cow, incalfs and Heifers
• Contains High levels of selenium to improve the heat signs and better conception
rates, Thus a calf per cow per year.
• Fortified with Vitamins to improve the overall animal health by improving nutrients
absorption and immunity.
Feeding Rates:
Lactating/In-calf’s cows – 100grams per cow daily (4 heaped tablespoons)
Heifers – 75grams daily (3 heaped tablespoon)
Calves – 50 grams daily (2 heaped table spoon)
Pack sizes: 1kg, 2kg,5kg,10kg, 20kg

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