Composition: Diminazene Aceturate – 0.444grams
Indication: For treatment of Trypanosomiasis (Nagana) and Babesiosis (Red water
disease) in domestic animals
Mode of action: like pentamidine, an aromatic diamidine, soluble in water. Its mode of
action is by irreversible inhibition of trypanosomal enzyme involved in the synthesis of
polyamines. It also selectively blocks kinetoplast DNA synthesis inhibiting growth and
movement of Trypanosomal parasites and slowly kills the parasites.
Dosage: Dilute 2.36grams of Dmaze in 15mls of sterile water enough for 300kg body
weight Or 5-10mls per 100kg body weight. Inject via Intramuscular or subcutaneous
Some animals may show hypersensitive reaction to diminazene
Should not be administered to animals with an impaired renal and / or hepatic
Multiple therapeutic doses can produce severe nervous signs and prominent haemorrhagic and malacic lesions of the cerebellum, midbrain, and thalamus in dogs.
After multiple therapeutic doses degenerative fatty changes can occur in liver, kidneys,
myocardium and muscles.
Multiple therapeutic doses can produce prominent haemorrhagic and malacic lesions of
the cerebellum and the thalamus in cattle.
Withdrawal period: Meat – 21days
Pack sizes: 2.36 grams sachet.

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