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Composition: Alphacypermethrin 10%
Description: Eliminator contains synthetic pyrethroids which is very effective to control of
ticks, fleas, tsetse flies, and biting flies on cattle, chicken, sheep, goats, camels, pigs, cats,
and dogs.
Mode of action: Alphacypermethrin is a highly active broad-spectrum insecticide, effective
by contact and ingestion against target pests.
Special Advantage: Long residual activity; 7-day application interval.
Kills ticks that have developed resistance to Amitraz and organophosphates.
Lethal to all stages of the tick (Adult & larvae to fully engorged females).
Safe for the animal due to its poor dermal absorption, rapid metabolism, less tissue accumulation. Therefore, can be used across many species.
Highly effective therefore requires low doses for effective ectoparasite control.
Application Rates: Mix 10mls of Eliminator to 20 litres of water.
Application Instructions: Mix properly before spraying Always wear protective clothing when
mixing and Handling Eliminator. Repeat application can be done every 7 days.
Precaution: Wear protective Clothing during mixing and spraying.
Avoid contact to eyes and skin, Do not Eat, smoke or drink while using this product unless
after thorough wash with clean water and Eliminator to soap after spraying.
Pack Sizes: 20ml, 40ml, 100ml,250ml,500ml, 1litre.

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