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Endoguard 10%

Composition: Albendazole 100mg/ml + Selenium +cobalt+ zinc + Copper.
Description: Endoguard is a broad-spectrum oral drench dewormer effective against
Roundworms (stomach & intestinal worms), Lungworms, Tapeworms and Liver flukes in
Cattle, sheep and Goats.
Mode of action: Endoguard contains Albendazole which is a broad-spectrum, synthetic
benzimidazole-derivative anthelmintic that works by impairing uptake of glucose in the
larval and adult stages of the susceptible parasites affecting energy required for the
survival of the helminth.
Due to diminished energy production, the parasite is immobilized and eventually dies.
Special Advantage: Kills all stages of worms (Eggs, infective larvae and adult worms)
Safe for pregnant animals
Low toxicity level, therefore animal can tolerate a slight overdose.
Contains micronutrients to improve animal’s Immunity, appetite and general health
Oral drench that is easy to administer.
Causes minimal diarrhoea in animals after administration
Dosage rates: cattle – worm dose: 7.5mg/kg (0.75ml per 10kg body weight)
Liver flukes’ dose: 10mg/ml (1.5ml per 10kg body weight)
Sheep and Goats – Worm dose: 5mg/kg (0.5ml per 10kg body weight)
Liver fluke dose: 7.5mg/kg (0.75mls per 10kg body weight)
Dosage Instruction: Accurately measure the weight of the animal, for accurate dosing
For Best result, Drench in the morning.
Use the drenching gun, or consult a veterinarian for assistance in drenching.
Withdrawal Period: Meat – After 14 days, Milk – 72hours (3days)
Precaution: Endoguard is only recommended for animal treatment, Shake well before
drenching animals.
Pack sizes : 40ml, 120ml, 500ml,1litre & 5litre

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