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Veterinary Products

Composition: Deltamethrin 50g/L
Description: Ex- Kupe is an acaricide and insecticide for control of Ticks and other biting
insects (Fleas, lice, tsetse fly, Mites, lice & biting insects) on Livestock.
Mode of action: Deltamethrin is a synthetic pyrethroids with contact knockdown effect on
Special Advantage: Ex-Kupe kills all adult and larvae stages of ticks
Has a residual effect of up to 7 days.
Kills Ticks resistant to Amitraz and Organophosphorus compounds.
Application Rates: Mix 10ml of EX-Kupe to 10litres of water
Application Instruction: Premix the required Ex- Kupe with small volume of water
before adding to the bulk.
Thoroughly wet the animal body for effective coverage.
For best results Spray in the morning.
Repeat spray should be done every 7 days.
Animals should be allowed to drink water before spraying
Precaution: Wear protective Clothing during mixing and spraying of Ex- Kupe
Avoid contact to eyes and skin, Do not Eat, smoke or drink while using this product unless
after thorough wash with clean water and Kupe soap after spraying.
Withdrawal Period: Meat- 24hours after last spray, Milk – 6 hours after spray
Available packs: 20ml, 40ml, 100ml, 250ml, 1litre

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