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Veterinary Products

Description: A feed ingredient expertly formulated by adding organic minerals, vitamins,
amino acids, carbohydrates and digestive enhancers designed to provide nutritionally
balanced feeds for cattle, poultry and pig.
• Regulates the stomach microflora of animals.
• Improves dry matter intake and digestibility of animals on the transitional
period or when use the anomalous feed or feed additive for feeding,
• Boosts yield (egg production, meat production).
Feeding direction:
• Calves- 1 Teaspoon daily,
• Cows/Bulls 2 Tablespoon daily,
• Poultry 5 tablespoon per 70kg bag
• Pigs – 2 tablespoon daily,
• Sheep/goats – ½ Teaspoon,
• Equine 1 tablespoon.
Pack size(s): 400g, 800g, 1.25kg, 25kg

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