Description: It contains herbal extract for liver protection against various hepatotoxins, Drug
toxicity and Metabolic disorders.
Each 5 ml contains: Andrographis Paniculata 800 mg , Eclipta alba 600 mg ,Phyllanthus niruri
500 mg ,Boerahavia diusa 400 mg ,Picrorhiza kurroa 400 mg and Cichorium Intybus 200 mg
Special Advantages:
•Livotox contains natural herbs, and is very safe for the animals
•Corrects liver dysfunction and damage by Stimulating regeneration of liver cells.
•It promotes growth and appetite by restoring liver function.
•Enhances elimination of toxins (aflatoxins).
•Stimulates liver for better bile secretion, and improves feed absorption.
•Increases the appetite and manages stress especially after illness and vaccination.
•Has benefits of liver Protection,
•Boost immunity through detoxification,
Indications: Fatty Liver Syndrome, Liver Enlargement, Cholecystitis and Cholangitis
Hepatitis, Liver Cirrhosis and Fibrosis, Drug Induced hepatotoxicity
Administration: Chicks, growers ,layers and broilers:1ml/1ltr during disease strike,
1ml/2ltr: during prevention.
Cattle, Horse: 20 – 40 ml in drinking water, Sheep, Goat: 3-5 ml in drinking water.
Pack sizes: 50ml, 100ml & 1litre

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