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Pre-Milking Dipping Solution (8.0% w/w lactic acid) -Used for cleaning, sanitizing and
softening the teats before milking. As fast action (30 seconds contact time only). Used
with a foaming cup.
BENEFITS: Cleans the teats, Disinfects the teats, Improves teat skin quality,
Stimulates milk release, Hand hygiene for the milker, Softer and easy to milk teats
(i) Mix in foam cup 40ml of the Mastikinga step 1 with 60ml water
(ii) For washing utensils and disinfecting surface should be 2ml of mastikinga part 1 with
98ml of water
(iii) When using a hand spray 10ml of mastikinga step 1 with 90ml of water
Pack size(s): 250ml, 1litre, 5litre

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