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Enrofloxacin10% (100mg/ml) injection.
A potent bactericidal antibiotic with broad spectrum of activity injected once in a day.
Indications:- Acute & Sub-acute Mastitis, Metritis & Endometritis, Salmonellosis, Diarrhea/
Enteritis, Hemorrhagic Septicemia, respiratory tract infections, Urinary tract infections,
Skin & soft tissue infections, Ear infections, GIT infections, Bovine mastitis, Secondary
bacterial infections.
Dose: Large animal 1ml/40kg body weight by IM/IV Route
Small animal 1ml/20Kg body weight by IM/IV Route
Withdrawal period from the last day of treatment
Milk – 4 Days, Meat – 21 Days.
Pack size:100ml

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