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Composition: Levamisole 1.5% & Oxyclozanide 3.0% with Cobalt + Selenium.
Description: Parakill is broad spectrum oral drench with a combination of Levamisole &
Oxyclozanide working in synergy to kill Round worms (stomach & Intestinal worms)
Lungworms and All stages of Liver flukes in Cattle, sheep and goats. Parakill is fortified
with cobalt and selenium to improve the general health of animal from Worm’s stress.
Special Benefits: Parakill acts on all stages of worms
It’s fortified with Cobalt and selenium to help the animal recover quickly from
worm’s infestation.
Oral drench, thus easy to administer.
Parakill is safe for use in Young, Adult and pregnant animals
Dosage rate: Cattle – 25mls per 50kg Body weight
Sheep and goats- 5mls for every 10kg body weight.
Dosing Instruction: Accurately measure the weight of the animal for correct dosing
Use a drenching Gun to administer or consult a veterinarian for
For best result, Drench in the morning,
Precaution: Parakill may cause diarrhoea, which subsides 24- 36hours later
Parakill is only for use in animal treatment.
Withdrawal period: Meat – 28days from last treatment
Milk – 72 hours (3 days) from last treatment.
Pack sizes : 150ml ,500ml,1litre ,5litre

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