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Composition: Chlorpyriphos 500g/l + Cypermethrin 50g/l
Description: Tickstop is an Ectoparasiticide with a combination of Organophosphorus and Synthetic Pyrethroids working in synergy for control of Ticks, Fleas, Mites, Biting insects and Lice in Cattle.
Special Advantage: Kills Ticks and Other external parasites that are Resistant to Amitraz. Has long residue effect, thus protects the animal up to 7 days from parasite infestation.
Application Rates: Use 1 ml of Tickstop to 1 litre of water for both hand and motorized spray.
Application Instruction: Premix Required Tickstop volume, before adding to the bulk and mix properly
Thoroughly wet the animal body for effective coverage.
Repeat spray every 7 days for effective control of ticks
Precaution: Use protective clothing when handling Tickstop.
Avoid contact to eyes and skin, it can cause severe irritation
Withdrawal Period: Milking of sprayed animals can be done after 10 hours
Animals can be slaughtered 24hrs after spray.
Wash with soap and running water after spraying activity.
Available pack sizes: 20ml, 50ml, 100ml,250ml,1litre

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