Description: Tonophos is a stable solution of concentrated mineral and trace elements in
phosphate form to ensure that these elements are well assimilated by the animal. It can be
fed to cattle, horse, goat, poultry, sheep & pig.
Special Advantages of Tonophos:
• To correct calcium/phosphorus imbalance i.e., in Milk fever
• In conditions associated with phosphorus deficiency i.e., Pica, rough
haircoat and bone weakness.
• Quick Correction of Micro-minerals/trace-elements deficiencies.
Indication for use:
• Silent heat signs, Hair discolouration, post parturient haemoglobinuria, Milk
fever, Downer cow syndrome management and Osteomalacia
• In poultry: in management of diseases affecting egg shell quality, acnes,
joints, bones, mainly in battery hens
• Poultry: 1ml/2ltr 5-7 days or until symptoms subside
• Cattle& horses: adults – 50 -100mls for 5-7days.
• Young: 25-50mls for 5-7days.
• Sheep and goat: Adult – 10ml 5-7 days or until symptoms subside,
• Lambs & kids: 5ml 5-7 days or until symptoms subside
Pack size(s): 100ml,500ml, litre

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