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Composition: Injectable phosphorus (4-dimethylamino-2-methylphenyl-phosphinic acid)
Description: Organic Phosphorus very important in energy metabolism, replenishing serum
phosphorus levels, supporting liver function and stimulating fatigued smooth and cardiac
Indications: Offers reliable support in treatment of various disorders:

  • Metabolic disorder like ketosis in cattle, poor feeding disease stress or over exhaustion.
  • Reproductive problems like Metritis, infertility, delayed heat or lack of visible heat signs.
  • Muscular disorders E.g., in Milk fever, Downer cow syndrome, Vaginal prolapse,
    Post-partum haemoglobinuria
  • Supplement and tonic during pregnancy, lactation and convalescence.
    Dosage: Intravenous, subcutaneously & intramuscularly route,
    Cattle 10-25ml
    Dog 1-3 ml
    Withdrawal Period: Meat – 0 days
    Milk – 0 days
    Pack size(s): 100x30ml

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