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Description: A broad spectrum herbal based toxin binder for Mycotoxins, Bacterial toxins, Aflatoxins, herbicides, Fungicides and pesticides residues in animal feeds.
• Hydrated sodium calcium aluminium silicates (HSCAS)
• Silicon dioxide (Al, Fe, Na, Mg, Ca, Mn, K and Titanium Oxides)
• Activated charcoal,
• Organic acids,
• Herbal ingredients.
Special Advantages: Contains Herbs ingredients
• Support liver functionality enhancing feed digestion and nutrients absorption
• Enhances immunity
• Check’s insect infestation.
HSCAS: Hydrated sodium calcium aluminium silicates
• Reduces free ammonia from protein overfeeding.
• Prevents caking of feed and keeps feed free flowing.
• Complete aflatoxin absorbent
Organic acids Ca –propionate granules as acidic medium in feed and gut
• Prevents mycotoxins production •
• Possesses antibacterial activity •
• Increases palatability
Activated charcoal & Coconut kernel
• Its Universal toxin adsorbent.
• Irreversible adsorption Bacterial toxins, herbicides, aflatoxin, fungicides, pesticides residues

• Enhances mycotoxins binding.
Dosage And Administration: • Feed with Moisture • < 15% – 1 kg/tonne • > 15% – 2 kg/tonne Presentation: Polypack of 5 kg

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