Composition: Diclazuril 0.5% w/v
Description: Wocox contains diclazuril a synthetic compound of the triazines group
used as a feed additive and veterinary drug for the control of coccidiosis.
Mode of action: it exerts effect on the asexual or sexual stages of coccidia blocking
the excretion of oocysts therefore interrupting the life cycle of the parasites.
Special advantages:
• Reduces oocyst density in litter,
• Reduces litter contamination
• Reduces reinfection
• Low toxicity, its safe for use
• Zero withdrawal period.
• Effective for all stages of Coccidia and most important species of
• Endures pelleting temperatures, effective in feed incorporation.
Directions for use:
• 200g for every tonne of feeds
Pack sizes:1kg & 25kg

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