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ACCENT® 600 SC Insecticide

Accent 600SC Insecticide

ACCENT 600 SC (Imidacloprid 600g/l) is a systemic insecticide for the control of thrips, aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs on roses; thrips, aphids, whiteflies, Leaf miners on French beans; thrips on onion; thrips, aphids, whiteflies on peas; aphids on broccoli/ cabbages; cucumber beetles, leaf miners, whiteflies on cucurbits and thrips, aphids, whiteflies on tomatoes, roses, and pepper.

MODE OF ACTION: The insecticide combines contact and stomach poison action for the thorough control of insect pests on crops and in the soil. It is dispersed acropetally and possesses excellent root systemic action.  It works by interfering with the transmission of stimuli in the nervous system of the insect by blocking the nicotinergic neuron pathway thus preventing the transmission between nerves causing paralysis and death of the insect.  

Half fill the spray tank with the required amount of water. Add the required quantity of ACCENT 600 SC and stir. Add the rest of the required amount of water and continue agitating even while spraying. Apply at first signs of infestation. Ensure even coverage of leaf surface. 

Roses Thrips, aphids, whiteflies,  

1.5ml/20 Litre of water (75ml/ha) 

3.5/20L (175ml/ha)
Apply at first signs of infestation and repeat as necessary based on regular scouting for successful control 
Cabbage Aphids 1.875/20L of water(75ml/ha) 
French beans  Thrips, aphids, whiteflies, leaf miners) 1.875/20L of water(75ml/ha)) 
Tomatoes Thrips, aphids, whiteflies 1.875/20L of water (75ml/ha) 
Peas  Thrips, aphids, whiteflies 1.5ml/20 Litre of water (75ml/ha) 
Broccoli Aphids 1.5ml/20 Litre of water (75ml/ha) 
Cucurbits Cucumber  beetles, leafiners, whiteflies 1.5ml/20 Litre of water (75ml/ha) 
Pepper  Thrips, aphids, whiteflies 7.5ml/100 Litres of water (75ml/ha) 


DO NOT enter areas treated with ACCENT 600 SC insecticide within the restricted period of 12hours. If entry is necessary, proper protective clothing should be worn.  

PRE -HARVEST INTERVAL (PHI): French beans, cabbages and tomatoes 7 days 

CROP TOLERANCE/PHYTOTOXICITY: ACCENT 600 SC is not phytotoxic when used as recommended. On roses always test for varietal tolerance on a few plants before large scale application.  


Where repeated applications may be necessary due to high disease pressure, ACCENT 600 SC should be alternated with pesticides with different modes of action 


ACCENT 600 SC is classified according to World Health Organization (WHO) under Class III – Blue Color band which means Slightly hazardous.  

ENVIRONMENT AND WILDLIFE: ACCENT 600 SC is toxic to bees, do not apply when bees are actively foraging. It is moderately toxicity to fish. Do not contaminate water sources with empty containers, this product, or the wastewater from cleaning of any spillage. ACCENT 600SC (Imidacloprid) shows low mammalian toxicity.  


  •  broad-spectrum activity against sucking insects, various species of beetles, some species of flies, leaf miners and termites 
  • long residual activity and when correctly handled can be used in integrated pest management programs 
  • low dosage rates and good plant compatibility, making it the first choice of the farmer 
  • good compatibility with conventional insecticides 
  • Quick knockdown action  

PACK SIZES: 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 1 litre

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