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BOMBADIER 360 EC (Permethrin 360g/L) is a synthetic pyrethroid based insecticide/termiticide containing permethrin that is used to treat building and construction timber and related wood products. 

Mode of Action 

Permethrin is a pyrethroid insecticide with contact and stomach action with limited systemic activity. 


BOMBADIER 360 is used for termites Control on Building and construction timber and related wood products in the field at a rate of 5ml/L (15ml/3L). Apply when the timber or wood is has 20% moisture content, Spray the timber/wood to runoff point. For fencing poles, soak from 1 hour to overnight and treat the soil in the holes by pouring in the solution. 

RE-ENTRY INTERVAL: Not applicable  

PRE -HARVEST INTERVAL (PHI): Not applicable. 

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