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BIOPIT® DIGESTER contains a blend of bene cial bacteria in a dissolvable “no-mess” powder formulation, which non-chemically eliminates the build-up of household wastes, which cause odors, blocked drain lines and septic system failure. This formulation will NOT leave messy particles behind in the toilet bowl or sink after use.
BIOPIT® DIGESTER does NOT contain harsh chemicals, solvents, caustics or acids.
BIOPIT DIGESTER WILL NON-CHEMICALLY ELIMINATE: FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease), Proteins, , Starches, Fruit Wastes, Urine, Sugars, Vegetable Wastes, Oil & Gasoline, Tissue & Paper, Human Wastes etc.

Application: Dissolve the 500gm pack of BIOPIT® DIGESTER in 2 litres of warm water (not hot). Let
it sit for 1 hour before pouring in your pit latrine/ septic tank etc.

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