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HALT NEO 5%WP is a Biological Insecticide for the control of Fall Armyworm on Maize; Thrips, African Bollworm on French beans; Caterpillars on roses and Diamond backmoth on Cabbages. 

Mode of Action 

HALT NEO 5% WP works as a stomach poison to larvae by causing gut paralysis followed by septicemia (blood poisoning). Upon biting a leaf treated with HALT NEO 5% WP, the larvae stop feeding, become sluggish & discoloured and eventually die within 3-5 days. HALT NEO 5% WP It is suited for IPM programmes. 


Half fill the spray-tank with water, and then mix the required amount of HALT NEO 5% WP with a little water to prepare a uniform suspension. Add this suspension to the spray tank & top-up to the required amount of water. Spray the crop thoroughly to ensure good coverage. A spreader /sticker or surfactant can be added. Use the lower rate during periods of low pest infection and the higher rate during periods of heavy pest infection. Repeat when pests re-appear. 

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