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Pest Control Tips

1. Maintain a spotless kitchen

Pests prefer dirty, moist environment. You should k eep your kitchen’s worktops, racks, stovetop, and drawers clean to prevent pest invasion. Ensure you regularly clean them with disinfectant. Additionally, if food scraps are left out in the open, they will draw more insects. This pest control strategy can undoubtedly cut down on the quantity of pests in your home, even though the problem of pest infestation may not be totally solved.

2. Drain stagnant water around your home

Mosquitoes lay their eggs on stagnant water. In order to prevent mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and malaria, ensure any water that collects around your home is drained. When not in use, keep the buckets in your bathroom dry. The same should be done for of kitchen vessels.

3. Frequently dispose of your trash

Garbage should ideally be disposed of every day. A buildup of trash can result in an infestation of rats, mice, and cockroaches. Rotten food remnants around the house make the situation worse. This could also cause infections to spread, especially if you have pets and young children within your home.

4. Use the best household pest control products

Mos-Kill offers some of the most effective pest control products in the market. There are different solutions for different pests 7 severity of infestation. For example, Mos-Kill Coils & Vapourisers keep mosquitoes away from your home, and Mos-Kill vermin powder will ensure cockroaches are kept at bay. Check out our shop for these and more pest control products.

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